Why OnDemand will deliver what you need (or what your users need)

by Waldir Pimentel

Nowadays the OnDemand terminology is being used for many things in the IT world. You have apps that allow watching movies, TV shows, sports, store your data, use an IT system, play games, order food and other services exactly when you want to.

Waldir Pimentel, Service Center Manager at TecSurge

Waldir Pimentel, Service Center Manager at TecSurge, is a Specialist in Engineering Solutions and Systems Integration. Previously Area Leader (Process Power & Marine) at (Intergraph) Sisgraph in Brazil, he is based in Singapore since 2015, where he lives with his wife.

Now, TecSurge is bringing a similar concept to remote managed services (ITSM) for engineering applications.

You may think: “My IT support is already being done by a renowned (and big) company. Why not let them take care of my engineering systems, too?”

Well, let me give you my point of view. Historically, engineering systems are managed by employees hired to manage a specific system or by a “super-user” that must do their day-by-day job plus administer systems – there are also other reasons that my colleague Patrick mentioned here – now, I ask you in return: What’s your core business?

I’m fairly sure that to develop and administer engineering systems is not the core business of an EPC company or a big O&G Owner-Operator. Moreover, if you already have your ITSM operation outsourced, does this company treat the problems related to your engineering systems with the urgency that they deserve, or do they treat them with the same priority of a user that maybe can’t put a signature in an email?

I know that times are tough and you may even find good professionals looking for an opportunity asking for a low wage, but, make an analysis and see, if you are really looking forward in adjusting the way that your company is managing engineering systems – I mean, are you moving to a professional structure, based on ITIL standards, or do you want to stay in this roller coaster of professionals hiring, loss and firing every time you have peaks and valleys of demands?

This may sound like a cliché, but when we were building this service we always had in mind that we were customers too, we faced many situations in our previous experiences and, because of all of it, we know what to do and how to deal with the particularity of the systems as well as the departments and stakeholders involved.

For us is very important to be seen as part of your company, and not merely as another bunch of IT guys who may start trouble shooting your requests with superfluous questions like: “sorry, what is SPM E&PI module?”, “In which server is your data?”. Rather than sending guesses for troubleshooting and solutions, we’d rather go and solve the problem. Wouldn’t you?

In order to achieve this level of trust, besides our expertise, we’ve created internal procedures and, together with the onboarding process and the customer handbook, we are sure that we will deliver the best quality and user-friendly support possible.

We look forward to taking care of your engineering system administration, augmenting or even being your administrative team. Let us do the “dirty” job so you focus on your core business.