Welcome to the New Year 2024!

By Anton Schreibmueller

Singapore, January 1st, 2024. Welcome to the new year 2024! What a year 2023 it has been, we went into this year at full speed. Over the last 12 months we built, built, and built as TecSurge entered a new growth phase investing into additional office space, renovations, and infrastructure equipment.

Anton Schreibmueller, President and CEO at TecSurge

Anton Schreibmueller, President and CEO at TecSurge is a serial entrepreneur and expert in Engineering Systems. Previously Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CAXperts he is also an Investor and Chairman of PAPABO since 2022. He was based in Singapore from 2007 and has been resident in the Philippines since 2019.

We extended our Management Systems under the leadership of our general manager and augmented our management team by adding experienced Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT) professionals. In 2024, we will be using this experience to continue building and meeting many of the requirements to ready TecSurge for further growth.

Raghu Krishnamoorthy, our Chief Operating Officer, is leading the organisation with great success. With the capability and capacity that he is building in our HR department and IT department, I’m certain that continual progress for TecSurge will continue this year, too.

Our principal consultant was, is and will be a great contributor in many areas and enables the team to continue successful business development across many projects. I could not be more pleased how we have crossed the year-end, and although experience has taught me to be careful with our outlook in an ever so volatile world with economic uncertainties, I am proud to say that 2024 starts on a high for us.

TecSurge had an historic business year 2023. My team has made this success happen and has been rewarded accordingly. I have all the confidence that it will be followed by additional rewards given a continued performance in the first half of 2024.

Let me thank all our TecSurge employees here again for your dedicated work and support. I can’t think of a better team to work with than you here at TecSurge. I trust you all will continue to give your input and dedication. The journey is not at an end. We are at the start of the new year 2024 and together, we can meet the challenges, ride the waves and the surge. Success depends on us!

As we are coming out of the festive season, I hope you had a great time with your family and friends. Enjoy 2024 now and have an excellent start to the new year.

Happy New Year.

If you are interested to discuss what we can achieve working together, please leave me a comment below or contact us.