Open for Business with COVID-19

by Anton Schreibmueller

Cebu, April 24th, 2020. We are open for business; our office is closed. In that spirit we have already completed one month and delivered six critical projects to our customers. What we have accomplished over the last month, we will continue to deliver with our current operational set up for the foreseeable future.

Anton Schreibmueller, President and CEO at TecSurge

Anton Schreibmueller, President and CEO at TecSurge is a veteran in Engineering Systems. He was based in Singapore from 2007 and has been resident in the Philippines since 2019.

So, on a personal note, since this #circuitbreaker COVID-19 has started, I have also been getting together with my friends virtually every Sunday night for a drink. Chatting with them a couple of days ago, I shared what we learned: for example, business travel as we knew it will be much reduced in the future or even voided.

If anything, this last month has proven that we can easily work together and resolve our issues online and in virtual meetings. With our current client base, of course, it is to our advantage that working remotely has always been the core of our business model.

Since the inception of TecSurge five years ago, our way of working is built on our commitment to providing an unrivalled customer experience and to be the most responsive, trusted, time efficient and cost-effective business partner to our clients.

And we have done that by allowing people to always work where they are most productive including from their home offices in London, Bangkok, Pune in India or even within Singapore and the Philippines. Our clients always only benefited from our focus, accessibility, and efficiency.

So, on the positive side we have validated what we do, and our main lesson learned is that we can continue to conduct business as usual from anywhere, even if some of our physical offices are shut.

The main challenge of course is where clients have stopped operations for a variety of reasons, and we respect that and are ready to support them wherever needed and within the means of our business model.

As always, dear partners, clients, and friends, my team and I am available to you via Skype, MS Teams, the phone, and Email. Greetings to you all and stay healthy!

If indeed, despite the unusual situation, you are meeting your objectives and you are relaxed, then that result is because we learned that we are #strongertogether continuing to work on your validated opportunities with our efficient development.

If you are interested to discuss what we can achieve working together, please leave me a comment below or contact us.