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Building and Maintaining Digital Assets

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Transition from PDS to Smart 3D

Our clients leverage engineering information technology to build and maintain process facilities consisting of physical assets. We provide the services required to build and maintain digital representations of those physical assets, enabling efficient design, engineering, construction and maintenance work processes.

Our capabilities are best understood when presented in the context of our engineering digitalization framework. Whether you are embarking on a major greenfield development or dealing with decades of accumulated engineering data and documentation for an existing facility, we can help you to apply your preferred engineering information technology to your circumstances.

Our expertise spans the most popular products from the leading industry vendors, and includes all forms of configuration, customization and content creation, as well as extensive data remediation, migration and transformation services. We can be engaged on a one-off project basis, or under a long-term managed service or framework agreement depending on your requirements.

We believe that specialization is our key differentiator, and that repeat business is the strongest possible measure of client satisfaction, leading to our unmatched resume and portfolio.

Join your peers and retain TecSurge to build and maintain your process facility digital assets, capturing these key benefits:

  • Scalability - We match your demand either up or down
  • Adaptability - You can have confidence and rely on us to deliver
  • Simplicity - Quality and knowledge at your fingertips