Love in the times of COVID-19

by Anton Schreibmueller

Cebu, March 27th, 2020. I want to take this opportunity to provide you with an update about how we address our commitments as a company and as a team.

Despite the rapidly evolving challenges and restrictions issued by governments in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) situation, we expect minimal impact on our operations.

Anton Schreibmueller, President and CEO at TecSurge

Anton Schreibmueller, President and CEO at TecSurge is a veteran in Engineering Systems. He was based in Singapore from 2007 and has been resident in the Philippines since 2019.

Our business model is IT based, built on remote access, service provision and support. Therefore, we are well positioned to quickly implement more flexible working arrangements to accommodate restrictions on the movement of people and supporting social distancing measures.

Our work requires limited travel or client on-site presence, and as a team we are very familiar with conducting our client interactions seamlessly via telecommuting. In fact, most of our clients will see no impact or difference in our way of working and experience the same flexibility and quality support from TecSurge that they have become accustomed to.

What will change is that as a client, you may expect increased proactive communication from us sharing information related to your current projects.

We put the health & safety of our TecSurge employees first, and have activated our business continuity plan accordingly. This includes more flexible working arrangements such as staggered work hours, off-peak commuting, and working from home where feasible.

  1. We are working hard to minimize any impact on your operations.
  2. We have suspended business travel, and we continue to communicate via email and tele-conferencing by default.

We will communicate early, openly and honestly with you, should any changes beyond our control impact our deliverables and commitments to you.

Meanwhile we are focusing our efforts to update our skills, develop new content for our TecSurge Academy and to validate our Quality Management Systems.

I have nearly completed my voluntary self-quarantine of 14 days following my travel from our corporate headquarters in Singapore to our Service Operation Centre in the Philippines. I implemented this working from home period as an extra precautionary measure to protect our TecSurge community and team morale.

As a global team, we will make decisions in the best interest of our employees, clients and company. So far, we have successfully limited the impact on our operations, and moving forward we can continue to do that as a team working together. I am very appreciative of our employee’s dedication to our company. Much of what I have had the privilege to experience is beyond professional.

Since the inception of TecSurge five years ago, our Way of Working is built on our commitment to providing an unrivalled customer experience and to be the most responsive, trusted, time efficient and cost-effective business partner to our clients.

The Values that guide us as a team focus on that we are

  1. Reliable - we say what we do and do what we say.
  2. Responsive - we communicate in a transparent and timely way.
  3. Flexible - we provide customised solutions to our clients' business.
  4. Easy to do business with - we are straightforward.

As such, open and honest communication has always been our way and moving forward you may expect extra care and contact from us, whether your relationship with TecSurge is as a supplier, a client, an end-user of our service, an employee, or even as a relation to someone at TecSurge.

Stay strong! Please stay safe and let us hope, the situation will go back to normal soon. Whatever will happen with the global economy is not in our hands. We need to wait and hope for the best. I trust that we will emerge all the stronger from this crisis for our love, focus and commitment to stay calm, keep well, and work together.

If you are interested to discuss what we can achieve working together, please leave me a comment below or contact us.