Pricing Model

TecSurge OnDemand component

Our pricing plans are structured to be highly competitive.

A highly scalable solution

TecSurge OnDemand pricing is based on a monthly subscription model, with the primary variable being the number of concurrent users of each application. The number of users is determined by analysing the logging data produced by software licensing systems such as SmartPlant License Manager or FlexNet/FlexLM, and averaging the maximum concurrent daily use of each application over the business days in each month.

With any active plan, your users are entitled to create an unlimited number of support or administration service requests, eliminating obstacles to higher end user productivity.

The scalable TecSurge model

A key benefit of the TecSurge OnDemand pricing model is that your costs are directly correlated to actual application usage, and decoupled from both software license ownership and long term employment contractual obligations.

How it works

Customers select a plan based on forecast usage, typically for a 12-month duration. If actual demand exceeds the selected plan, customers have the option to pay an additional per-user charge for that month, or to upgrade to a bigger plan to meet a longer term requirement.

This approach ensures that your business retains the core capabilities needed to operate during idle periods, and gains the ability to seamlessly and rapidly scale up to meet demand when project activity increases.

Our pricing plans are structured to be highly competitive with the fixed costs of hiring additional specialist staff, while providing far more flexibility to match variable demand.

How TecSurge OnDemand is charged


The chart below illustrates an example of a 20-user plan being exceeded on 6 separate working days within a month. Because the average number of 19 concurrent users is below the plan, however, no additional costs are due, and the plan is an excellent fit to the actual application usage.

When project activity and application demand increase, customers can immediately upgrade to a bigger plan, paying only the delta, and instantly receive the benefits of the highly scalable TecSurge OnDemand managed service.

Contact us to discuss your scenario and receive pricing tailored to meet your specific requirements.