Our Graduates of the TecSurge scholarship program

By Juan Paolo Arao

Singapore, January 17th, 2024. TecSurge is excited to spotlight two exceptional individuals, Sunday, and Denver, who have not only embraced the opportunities provided by the TecSurge scholarship program but have also become shining examples of what resilience and hard work is truly about.

Juan Paolo Arao, HR Director at TecSurge

Juan Paolo Arao, HR Director at TecSurge, has two decades of experience in human capital management. His expertise includes organizational psychology for culture change, talent and performance management, and strategic HR planning. He is involved in founding non-profit organizations focused on empowering individuals through learning and development strategies.

Our scholarship and on-the-job training (OJT) program are designed to provide students with hands-on experience in their chosen field, allowing them to apply classroom learning to real-work tasks in line with TecSurge’s business environment. Our aim is to allow students gain invaluable insights and skills that prepare them for their future career in TecSurge.

Sunday and Denver are not just participants in our OJT program; they are also recipients of the TecSurge scholarship program. The successful outcome of their OJT is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and outstanding performance during their time with TecSurge. Our scholarship and OJT program is the company’s way of recognizing and supporting promising individuals who exhibit exceptional potential and commitment to positive life and career transformation.

OJT BSc Graduate Sunday Conde

Sunday’s journey with TecSurge started in 2018. Age: 23. Favorite Subject: Microprocessor

Sunday, a bright and ambitious student, joined our scholarship program with a thirst for knowledge and a determination to make the most of his learning experience. Through the OJT program, he has been able to pursue additional knowledge in programming, enhancing his skill set and making him an invaluable asset to our team.

When I asked him “What do you like most about the TecSurge Scholarship Program” he replied: that it provides free full tuition, provides minimal work to students, and that the work is guaranteed after graduation.

OJT BSc Graduate Denver Cuizon

Denver's journey with TecSurge started in 2022. He will be 24 years old at the time of graduation. And his favourite subject is Computer programming.

When I asked him the same question about our TecSurge Scholarship Program, he pointed out that it “Provides guidance to students, support in wellbeing and committed to provide work after graduation.”

Denver, another standout student in our scholarship program, has not only excelled in his assigned projects but has also demonstrated good technical skills that set him apart. The scholarship program has been instrumental in easing the financial burden of his education, allowing him to focus on his studies and excel during the OJT program in TecSurge.

Sunday Conde and Denver Cuizon graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Cebu Institute of Technology University.

The success stories of Sunday and Denver highlight the mutual advantages of TecSurge scholarship and OJT program. As a company, we benefit from the enthusiasm, fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas that these talented individuals bring to our projects. Simultaneously, Sunday and Denver gain practical experience, mentorship, and financial support, pushing them towards a successful career launch in TecSurge.

As we celebrate their success, we also recognize the essential role TecSurge’s plays in shaping the next generation of solution engineers. We are proud to invest in the future, fostering growth, and providing opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. Congratulations to Sunday and Denver, and here's to many more success stories in the making through the TecSurge scholarship program!

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