TecSurge Academy is training for users by users!

by Amparo F. Mina

Cebu, December 3rd, 2019. Since joining TecSurge earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on our TecSurge Academy leading the creation of a Smart Instrumentation Basic User Training course.


by Raychia Padilla

Cebu, November 1st, 2019. I am very honoured and thankful to have been granted an educational scholarship from our company, TecSurge. I am greatly indebted to the company’s generosity and support because it allowed me to fulfil my dreams on academic pursuits. The company’s generous contribution has allowed me to take a master’s degree at the University of San Jose Recoletos.

The variables of digital transformation

by Patrick Mackinlay

Singapore, April 5th, 2019. Having defined our terminology for digitization, digitalization and digital transformation, we now introduce some assumptions that set the scene for our approach to process plant engineering digitalization.

Defining digitization

by Patrick Mackinlay

Singapore, March 6th, 2019. Many of our clients wish to transform the way business is done by leveraging enabling technologies such as:

Industry 4.0: Our perspective

by Patrick Mackinlay

Singapore, February 20th, 2019. We recognise that digital transformation and industry 4.0 have gained a huge amount of attention around the world in recent years. That is why I want to take this opportunity to explain how we understand these trends and their place in our industry, what challenges our clients face, and how we can help.

Partners, clients and friends

by Anton Schreibmueller

Singapore, December 28th, 2018. As the year ends, and I have completed the long journey from the Philippines and Singapore via the Middle East and Finland to my old home to Germany, I am enjoying relaxing Christmas holidays with my family and I’m reflecting on our achievements this year.

What can you expect from a TecSurge plant model migration?

by Chrise Anne Mae Ocampo

Cebu, November 9th, 2018. This year I have had the privilege to contribute to a project involving the migration of a complete PDS refinery model to Smart 3D.

“Working smarter”, not harder

by Manny Yap

Cebu, October 10th, 2018. I have been with TecSurge for almost 2 years and my time has been full of challenges and opportunities. When I first joined, it was like a “culture shock” for me since I was used to multi-year, long-term engineering projects, whereas most TecSurge clients are looking to address short-term requirements.