Digital Assets and Operational Digital Twins

Andy Osborne

Digital Assets and Operational Digital Twins: Enhancing Efficiency in Industrial Operations

London, September 9th, 2023. In the era of digital transformation, industries are leveraging advanced technologies to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance. Two essential concepts that play a pivotal role in achieving these goals are digital assets and operational digital twins. While they share some common ground, these concepts serve distinct purposes in industrial settings, contributing to the seamless functioning of operational facilities.

Digital Transformation in Process Plant Industries and the Crucial Role of Manual Expertise to Support Automation

Andy Osborne

London, July 4th, 2023. In the era of digital transformation, industries worldwide are embracing automation technologies to enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and decision-making. Process plant industries, which include sectors such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and power generation, are no exception. However, amid the rapid adoption of automation, it is essential to recognize that manual expertise and effort remain indispensable. In this blog, we will discuss the need for manual expertise and effort to complement automation specifically for digital transformation projects concerning engineering data in process plant industries.

Sharpening my skills

Franklin E. Mira

Cebu, October 4th, 2022. What a treat! I attended the HxGN Live conference at The Peninsula Manila last week together with ten of my colleagues from our service operation center in Cebu. It gave me the opportunity to network with clients, peers, and, of course, all the staff from Hexagon.

Happy birthday, CAXperts!

By Anton Schreibmueller

Cebu, May 1st, 2022. Seven years ago, I told people that we are a start-up with 12 years’ experience. This year I am proud to congratulate my former partner Peter Schlegel and his team on the 20-year anniversary of CAXperts GmbH.

The Invisible Service Provision

by Patrick Mackinlay

Singapore, November11th, 2021. TecSurge was built around the core idea of providing services for engineering data and software, and in this article, I want to delve into what service delivery means to us.

Functional 3D Symbols in hours

By Mavielle Magto (Mimi)

Singapore, March 12th, 2021. I've been developing Smart 3D symbols through direct programming in Visual Basic and VB.Net for many years now. These languages and approach are the default for Smart 3D symbol development, and offer all the necessary features and functionality, but take months to master and still often require days or even weeks to develop a single symbol, even for those with a solid programming background and experience.

The Definitive TecSurge Experience or How I Survived (Almost) a Year at TecSurge

Marigold S. Gingoyon

Cebu, January 25th, 2021. Come February 17, 2021, I will have spent a year with TecSurge. When I first joined this company, and while I have been employed for 28 years and worked for different employers, starting with a new company felt intimidating yet exciting at the same time.

Piping round-tripping: Importing piping fabrication data

by Patrick Mackinlay

Singapore, October 7th, 2020. In this fourth and final article of the series, I will describe a more modern approach to the import of piping fabrication data into the design environment.