Smart 3D Design Rule Checker user interface

Smart 3D Design Rule Checker Customisation

Customisation and bespoke development


Design Rule Checker is a utility built on top of the Smart 3D rule checker service which provides the capability to validate modelling and layout design against an enhanced set of rules and conditions.

TecSurge offers the expertise and experience to transform design rules specified by engineers into program logic which can be executed by the Design Rule Checker to evaluate compliance in the Smart 3D modelling environment.


TecSurge has wide experience with Smart 3D customization, familiarity with the Design Rule Checker package, and abundant modelling experience. The combination of these capabilities meaning we are ideally equipped to understand your requirements, advise on approach, and develop a practical and high-quality implementation.

Configuration files


The typical deliverables produced by this service are:

  • Source and compiled code for the rules developed
  • Configuration and load files
  • Administration and user documentation

Work Process

TecSurge uses the following high-level approach to executing design rule checker projects:

  • Requirement gathering. TecSurge will work closely with your technical team to fully understand requirements.
  • Preparation of load files and configuration files
  • Preparation of Smart 3D testing environment
  • Rule development
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Technical document creation
  • Delivery

Quality Assurance

To validate the quality of developed rules, TecSurge will test the rules using a Smart 3D plant environment provided by our client. Test models are prepared to exercise each condition to be implemented by the rule, and the results of the DRC utility evaluated.

Getting Started

To understand the scope and prepare a schedule and budget, we usually ask our clients a series of questions:

  • What is the purpose of the rule in engineering and 3D modelling terms?
  • What are the details of the rule, for example, which type of objects are to be checked and what input tables or reference data applies?
  • What are the expected defects/ errors to be reported?

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Smart 3D Design Rule Checker to improve the quality and consistency of your design models, and you’re able to provide the engineering inputs and answers to the questions listed here, contact us today for an estimate.

Smart 3D Design Rule Checker Customisation