Refreshing the Documentum folder structure in SmartPlant Construction

SmartPlant Construction integration with Documentum

Systems implementation and integration

Customer Benefits

  • Streamlined and simplified user access to relevant information
  • Reduced end user training costs
  • Minimized support and administrative costs

Services Delivered

Consulting, product configuration, training, custom software development & testing.

The Client

The customer’s activities span hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, retail and telecommunications.

The Challenge

The customer selected ECM Documentum as a corporate electronic document management solution, and Intergraph’s SmartPlant Construction for construction and work package management.

The customer’s primary requirement was to enable SmartPlant Construction users to seamlessly access and leverage documents from Documentum, and vice-versa.

The customer’s end user requirements were summarised as follows:

  1. Navigate and refresh the Documentum document folder structure from within SmartPlant Construction.
  2. Perform basic and advanced searches for Documentum documents from within SmartPlant Construction.
  3. Display and print Documentum documents from SmartPlant Construction using SmartPlant Markup.
  4. Display Documentum document metadata properties within SmartPlant Construction.
  5. Attach Documentum documents to field installation work packages within SmartPlant Construction.
  6. Upload new documents to Documentum from SmartPlant Construction.

Our Solution

TecSurge provided consulting services and detailed planning which resulted in the success of this custom implementation. The SmartPlant Construction and Documentum systems were made to interact via web services where the data was read and transacted between both systems.

The direct integration of SmartPlant Construction and Documentum was conceptualised and implemented over a period of six months.

Our team of experts utilised a combination of standard product features and custom development on top of the SmartPlant Construction system in order to expose and reuse the data from Documentum directly. We avoided the unnecessary duplication of data handling through SmartPlant Foundation as yet another document management system.

The customer ultimately received a seamless user experience with zero compromises in quality and the information.

Searching for Documentum documents in SmartPlant Construction
Enhanced search options
Viewing Documentum documents in SmartPlant Construction using SmartPlant Markup
Documentum document meta-data displayed in SmartPlant Construction
TecSurge Service SmartPlant Construction integration with Documentum