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Browser view development for SmartPlant Instrumentation

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This TecSurge service delivers customised browser views for SmartPlant Instrumentation, developed to match customer specific operating workflows and requirements.


  • Extensive experience working with the SmartPlant Instrumentation database and its query language
  • Pragmatic working knowledge of the PowerBuilder development environment


The SmartPlant Instrumentation software is delivered with only a single pre-defined browser view. This view is limited and many common functions require the user to open multiple windows in order to access the data required.

The addition or modification of browser views requires a detailed understanding of the SPI database structure and its database query language.


TecSurge delivers customised browsers in the PowerSoft Report (PSR) format that can be imported into your SPI installation, as well as the required database view creation scripts.

If required, TecSurge can also directly perform the installation of the new browsers in your operating SPI environment, or provide documentation to guide your own installation process.

Work Process

TecSurge’s work process for this service consists of the following general steps:

  1. Define browser requirement
  2. Develop additional views
  3. Develop SQL query and browser
  4. Test
  5. Handover

Quality Assurance

All custom browser views are tested by our SPI designers and specialists in-house to make sure that the browser performs as required. Such internal testing is accompanied by customer acceptance testing after delivery, prior to final completion of the project.

Getting Started

In order to estimate the schedule and cost for this service, we require the following information:

  1. What is the quantity of browser views that need to be developed?
    Why: The quantity of browsers is directly proportional to the man-hour requirement.
  2. What is the database server and SPI version required?
    Why: TecSurge will utilise the identical SPI software version and database platform as the end customer, in order to guarantee a 100% compatible delivery.

If this service describes your situation, and you’re able to provide the engineering inputs and answers to the questions listed here, contact us today for a quotation.

TecSurge Service Browser View Development for SPI