AVEVA Clash Manager Clash Report

Clash Manager Setup for PDMS/E3D

TecSurge Service Systems implementation and integration


This TecSurge service delivers PDMS Clash Manager setup and configuration in accordance with client specifications.


  • Excellent technical and functional knowledge of AVEVA PDMS and Everything3D
  • Efficiency and accuracy through in depth knowledge of Clash Manager


The typical deliverables produced by this service are:

  • Clash Manager Setup and Configuration files
  • Clash Reports
Clash manager works with either microsoft sql server or oracle database
Clash Manager works with either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database

Work Process

TecSurge manages the execution of project as a professional project involving a dedicated project manager and our expert services team. Clash Manager configuration involves the following activities:

  • Review of client requirements and specifications
  • Create a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database, and initialise the Clash Manager project database.
  • Clash Manager Setup
    • Clash Manager Configuration (Project, Discipline, Security, Group, Assign)
    • Configure Roles for Discipline Designers
    • Setup Automatic Assignment Rules
    • Setup Automatic Acceptance Rules
    • Setup User-defined Status
    • Setup Clash Sets
  • Test the configuration using a copy of real project data
  • Verify the configuration against client requirements and specifications
  • Prepare notes and documentation for users and administrators
Clash Manager Setup Work Process

Quality Assurance

TecSurge ensures the configuration is checked and verified according to input requirements, and the output is tested using sample project data.

TecSurge delivers the completed configuration for client acceptance, making any adjustments required based on feedback, after which a standard warranty period covering the service commences.

Getting Started

Typically, clients begin by preparing a specification or requirement document, which is submitted to TecSurge for review and validation.

In addition to this input, the following questions help to clarify the scope of work:

  • What version of PDMS/E3D and Clash Manager are you using?

    Why: To account for full compatibility on different versions of PDMS/E3D and Clash Manager and ensure our testing is performed on an environment required by our client.

  • Which database software (Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server) and version will be used for Clash Manager?

    Why: To account for full compatibility on different versions of database used and ensure our testing is performed on an environment required by our client.

  • When is your target completion date, and when do you expect to start?

    Why: The responses to these standard project management parameters can have a significant impact on the cost due to the prioritisation of work and the manpower required.

If this service describes your situation, and you’re able to provide the engineering inputs and answers to the questions listed here, contact us today for a quotation.