Example Support Assembly Part Bulk Load Data Worksheet

Pipe Support Library Preparation for Smart 3D

Symbols and Assemblies


This TecSurge service delivers catalogue data, intelligent pipe support symbols and assemblies, reports and fabrication drawing configurations, designed and quality tested for use in Intergraph Smart 3D.


  • Reusable software library of support part and assembly programming logic, accelerating delivery schedules
  • Deep understanding of real-world pipe support and hanger design scenarios, allowing enhanced integration and modelling scenarios
  • Years of experience with previous and current versions of S3D, ensuring version dependent pitfalls and obstacles are avoided


The typical deliverables produced by this service are:

  • For support parts:
    • CAXperts 3D Symbol Designer project files (for non-structural parts)
    • S3D catalogue Excel format bulk load worksheets
    • Support symbol icon images in JPEG format
    • Visual Basic 6.0 or VB.Net dynamic link library files

  • For support assemblies:
    • S3D catalogue Excel format bulk load worksheets
    • Assembly icon images in JPEG format
    • Visual Basic 6.0 or VB.Net dynamic link library files
    • VB.Net user form dynamic link library files

  • For support drawings & reports
    • Setup package – contains various labels, dimensions, graphic and other rules (view styles, filters) and an excel report template
    • S3D drawing templates – Smart sketch border and layout file.

  • User and Administrator Manuals
Pipe Support Library Preparation Work Process

Work Process

TecSurge manages the execution of Pipe Support Library Preparation as a professional services project, involving a dedicated project manager and our expert services team. Typically, the project schedule will be organised and based upon milestones aligned with our client’s project priorities (for example, a project may require simple welded shoes, pads, guides and stops delivered urgently, while more complex spring and hanger support assemblies have a lower priority).

These priorities and deliverables associated with each of the project milestones are agreed with the client during the project kick-off meeting, after which the detailed execution commences.
Requirement are finalized by creating specification documents for each support, with all the technical details such as support attributes, supported pipe size range, supporting structure type and required validations. These specification documents are issued to the customer for approval prior to the commencement of development work.

Once development is in progress, as each milestone is reached, a set of fully quality checked, ready for use pipe support symbols, assemblies and catalogue data is delivered, along with a project status report. Typically, drawing and report data is provided after all symbols and assemblies have been delivered.

Typical Pipe Support Detail Drawing

Quality Assurance

TecSurge utilises the approved specification documents to ensure developers and our customers are aligned with respect to expectations, and to ensure our deliverables meet quality expectations.

Prior to issue of final deliverables, symbols and assemblies are functionally demonstrated (typically via a desktop sharing conference call). After incorporation of any comments or feedback, deliverables are issued after final testing is complete.

Getting Started

Typically, our customers have a set of corporate or project hanger and support detail drawings, and need to have matching symbols and assemblies implemented in S3D for project use.

In addition to these detail drawing which are requested by TecSurge, we will ask our clients a series of questions to clarify the scope of work:

  1. What version of S3D and which database type are you using?
    Why: To account for differences between APIs on different versions of the S3D product, and ensure our testing is performed on an environment matching our customer’s.
  2. Which development environment should be used (Visual Basic 6.0 or VB.Net)?
    Why: From S3D 2014, Intergraph supports the use of VB.Net for some symbol types, however Visual Basic 6.0 is still supported and may be required by some customers. Note:
    • Visual Basic 6.0 symbols have backward compatibility, and can be used in S3D 2014 and earlier versions, however VB 6.0 is obsolete and new VB 6.0 licenses may be difficult to obtain.
    • VB.Net symbols have shorter and faster code but can only be used for S3D 2014 and later versions.
  3. What is your expected Start Date? What is the expected Completion Date?
    Why: affects resource loading and cost.
  4. Are any optional deliverables required?
    Why: In most, but not all cases, our support library preparation is accompanied by some or all of the following deliverables:
    • Custom User Forms
    • Naming Rules
    • Drawings and reports customisation
TecSurge Service Pipe Support Library Preparation