Intergraph Smart Electrical 2018

Intergraph Smart Electrical Revision/Modification

Data Migration and Transformation


Intergraph Smart Electrical provides a single source of truth for electrical information that can be easily accessed and updated, helping to ensures consistency across all electrical tasks and deliverables.

This service offers a cost-effective and scalable way to maintain Intergraph Smart Electrical data when existing resources are insufficient or otherwise unavailable.


  • Independence eliminates conflicts of interest and competitive risks
  • High levels of expertise and extensive experience
  • Flexibility to execute work independently, or to augment an existing team
  • Capability to configure and utilise self-managed infrastructure, or work collaboratively in a shared environment
  • Expertise to develop and apply automation to improve efficiency of repetitive tasks


Finding trained and experienced personnel to operate Intergraph Smart Electrical is a big challenge for many engineering contractors and owner/operators. Obtaining these specialized skills in a cost-effective manner aligned with the demand for them makes the challenge even greater.

Our team of designers and engineers have the skills and support required to perform all kinds of revisions and changes to Intergraph Smart Electrical data and deliverables, and are available to work on short term or long term engagements.


Deliverables under this service vary, depending upon the specific scope identified, but may include:

  • Load Schedules
  • Load Balance
  • Switchgear Schedules
  • Electrical equipment list
  • Cable Schedules
  • Schematic Drawings

Depending on where the work is executed, TecSurge will provide database archives and snapshots to hand over changes made at agreed milestones.

Work Process

Stage 1: Study the project requirements

  • Evaluate the quantity of deliverables to be revised
  • Review client or project standards and procedures
  • Check hardware and software requirements

Stage 2: Define the scope of work

  • Identify deliverable schedule
  • Determine service extent exclusions
  • Identify any necessary reference data modifications

Stage 3: Update the database

  • Modify the Data Dictionary and add select list entries if needed
  • Update Tag data
  • Update Reports
  • Update Drawings

Stage 4: Review and approval customised reports

Stage 5: Generate deliverables and perform quality checks

Stage 6: Submit database, reports and drawings for checking

  • Client confirms deliverables are consistent with changes and requirements
  • Client provides approval or comment to close the project

Stage 7: Database handover

Quality Assurance

Upon project completion, the warranty period is used to gather feedback on changes or defects identified by the client. After resolution of any reported issues, updated deliverable and data is resubmitted to the client for project closure.

If this service describes your situation, please contact us today to discuss your options. Let’s talk.

TecSurge Service Intergraph Smart Electrical Revision Modification