Processed p id example upgraded to the latest version of the software
Processed P&ID example upgraded to the latest version of the software

SmartPlant P&ID Plant Upgrade

Data migration and transformation


This TecSurge service delivers a solution for upgrading SmartPlant P&ID projects to the latest software release or customer specified version.

This service also provides the capability to transfer or migrate the SmartPlant P&ID database from one server to another.


  • Specialisation delivers high quality in the shortest possible time.
  • Excellent working knowledge of SmartPlant P&ID and its implementation.
  • Flexible and scalable, we accommodate any size or type of upgrade scenario.


Upgrading any SmartPlant P&ID project to a target product version is time consuming and tedious work. Depending on the source version, the procedure may span multiple stages and different database versions. To add to that challenge is the problem with the reference library that may be incompatible with the latest release. This scenario is quite common and is normally caused by a customisation to the schema that is incompatible with the new version.

Another challenge for administrators is when an SmartPlant P&ID project has been stored as a backup and the original servers are no longer in service. This scenario might result in restored projects with missing links to reference data.

Since upgrading and migrating databases is not a common task, this undertaking requires expertise to ensure that the transition is trouble free, efficient and most importantly that data loss is avoided.


In a typical project, we deliver the upgraded data as a Plant Structure Backup that can be restored into the customer environment.

TecSurge offers on-site or remote options for cases where customer data cannot be exported from the company premises due to IT security or company policy.

Smartplant p id 2009
SmartPlant P&ID 2009

Work Process

TecSurge’s work process for this service depends on the scenario. In general, the following steps are performed when SmartPlant P&ID backups are provided and the upgrade is done offsite:

  1. Collection of SmartPlant P&ID’s current configuration and desired target version.
  2. Set-up of a mock environment to simulate the original environment if needed.
  3. Check the existing database for errors and apply fixes.
  4. Upgrade the project.
  5. Check for reference schema incompatibility and apply fixes.
  6. Run quality checks.
  7. Deliver plant archive and upgrade report to the customer.
Smartplant p id 2014
SmartPlant P&ID 2014

Quality Assurance

To provide the customer with the most efficient service, all upgraded databases are checked for inconsistencies using the application’s in-built tools. Reports are then generated and provided to the customer as part of the project’s deliverables. Optionally pdfs or prints of the upgraded P&ID’s will be generated.

Getting Started

To estimate the schedule and cost for this service, we require the following information:

  • The current SmartPlant P&ID version including service pack and hotfixes applied

    Why: Determines the steps required for conversion; rather than providing a blanket estimate for conversion, we tailor the project duration and cost to match your exact circumstances

  • Database platform in use

    Why: TecSurge will utilise the identical database platform as the end customer, to guarantee a 100% compatible deliverable.

  • Target SmartPlant P&ID version

    Why: In many cases, upgrades are performed to target versions of SPI which are not the latest available, but to match a specific target environment.

  • Will the execution location be on-site, off-site or remote?

    Why: If the customer does not have personnel experienced with this activity, TecSurge can assume responsibility for restoring the project in the customer’s environment or execute the complete work at the customer’s location.

If this service describes your situation, and you’re able to provide the engineering inputs and answers to the questions listed here, please contact us today for a quotation.

TecSurge Service SmartPlant PID Plant Upgrade