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Intergraph Smart Electrical Upgrade

Data Migration and Transformation


This TecSurge service provides a cost effective, one step process for upgrading existing Intergraph Smart Electrical databases to a more recent version. Migration of the database from one server to another can be included with the upgrade or requested as a stand-alone service if an upgrade is not required.


  • Excellent technical knowledge and familiarity with Intergraph Smart Electrical
  • Years of experience supporting EPC companies as well as Owners/Operators in Intergraph Smart Electrical implementation and operation
  • Cost effective, high quality and flexible approach to address unique client requirements and schedules


Intergraph Smart Electrical databases are usually retained by owners in the same version and format as handed over from initial design. The data contained is an extremely important information asset, useful for new capital projects and maintenance work alike. Ensuring reliable access to the data by new projects, or in the face of changes to IT infrastructure requires upgrades to the software and the associated database.

  • Upgrading the database is cumbersome and involves multiple stages
  • Database server software must often be upgraded before the application software can be updated
  • Internal IT resources typically do not have the experience needed to upgrade Intergraph Smart Electrical, and are not confident to execute the work without damaging the data
  • Requires knowledge and use of Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager, which may impact both Intergraph Smart Instrumentation and Intergraph Smart P&ID
Upgraded Intergraph Smart Electrical 2018


This service delivers an upgraded Intergraph Smart Electrical project archive using the plant structure backup feature, which can be restored using Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager. Additional deliverables typically include:

  • Existing reports extracted to PDF
  • Restoration procedure

Where server migration is performed, TecSurge will also:

  • Restore the upgraded database in the target environment
  • Configure access rights
  • Schedule automatic backups

Work Process

Our upgrade process has the following broad outline:

  1. Restoration of client database
  2. Checking for and resolve database errors
  3. Execute upgrade to required version
  4. Perform post upgrade checks
  5. Restore in client environment
  6. Perform post restoration procedure and checks

Quality Assurance

Prior to the upgrade, TecSurge will restore the existing database and perform a test upgrade. Any errors will be analysed and communicated to the client with recommendations for resolution. Once all errors are resolved, the production upgrade is performed.

After the database is upgraded and installed in the client environment, TecSurge will test and confirm the functionality of the upgrade.

Final verification is performed by the client and final approval of the work constitutes the technical acceptance for the project.

Getting Started

To start the process, we will require the following information:

  • What is the current software and database version including service packs and hotfixes applied?

    Why: This information is important to properly identify the steps required for the upgrade. Rather than providing a blanket estimate for the upgrade, we can provide a shorter man-hour and lessen the cost when the upgrade steps are shorter.

  • What is the database server software in use?

    Why: We reproduce the target environment locally to carry out a full check and make sure full compatibility is achieved.

  • What is the target software and database version?

    Why: In most cases, the client does not need the database in the latest version, but rather in a compatible state with their software inventory. Knowing this detail, we can produce the upgrade with the precise requirement of the client.

If this service describes your situation, and you’re able to provide the engineering inputs and answers to the questions listed here, contact us today for a quotation.

TecSurge Service Intergraph Smart Electrical Upgrade