Output Sample Report in Excel from PDMS E3D

Report Development for PDMS/E3D

Drawings, reports and datasheets


Under this service, TecSurge prepares and delivers report templates and logic designed and tested for use with AVEVA PDMS or E3D.


  • Quality assurance
  • Expertise in PDMS/E3D
  • Optimised delivery schedule and cost
  • Extensive experience with Report Development


The deliverables from this service consist of templates and associated program logic. Typical reports required by customers include:

  • Piping Material Take-Off (MTO)
  • Insulation Schedule
  • Valve/Instrument List
  • Bolt MTO
  • Centre of Gravity (CoG) and Weight
  • Support Index and MTO
  • Steel MTO
  • Special Reports

In many cases, reports are output to Microsoft Excel format, simplifying the review and further manipulation of the tabulated data.

Report Development Work Process for PDMS E3D

Work Process

TecSurge manages the execution of E3D customized reports as a professional service project involving our expert services team.

The detailed execution consists of several stages:

  • Report format, data source, filters and scope clarification:

    Before starting the development of the template and logic, all clarifications regarding the report format must be obtained. This step is critical as the report format is the main basis and input to the template or the program logic.

    The report data source, filters and scope must also be clearly defined. These include the PDMS element types, criteria/conditions and hierarchies to be used in the report.

    • Sample data sources (PDMS element types) include: ALL, PIPE, BRAN, EQUI, VALV, HVAC, STRU, SCTN etc.
    • Sample filters (Criteria/Condition) include:
      • All BRANch with Head Bore > 100mm
      • All EQUIpment with Weight > 1000kg
      • All VALVs using spec /A01
      • Bolt Length only for GRE component flanged joints
    • Sample Scopes (Hierarchy) include:
      • All Areas or All SITE in PDMS Hierarchy
      • All ZONEs excluding Study
      • Site name starting with /P* or /S* only

    Once these details are finalized, the development of the report template and logic will commence.

  • Report template and logic development:

    The required layout of the report is incorporated into an appropriate template, with the necessary program logic encoding the underlying data selection, structuring, ordering and filtering.

  • Report testing and checking in different modules

    Prior to handover, the report is tested to make sure it is working properly, by executing it and comparing the results to a known source data set.

    After the report is successfully tested, the report source files are delivered to the customer for deployment.

Quality Assurance

TecSurge ensures that prior to issue of deliverables, every report developed for our customers is fully functional and meets expectations. TecSurge also ensures all the deliverables are in accordance to the verified customer input data provided.

Testing includes executing the report in the 3D system, generating sample output reports and consistency checking using standard applications.

The client confirms acceptance of the report and provides comments and feedback, with any issues raised during this stage being resolved prior to project completion.

Getting Started

Customers start by defining the input requirements (such as the output format, data source, filters, scopes) needed to begin the development. These inputs are reviewed by TecSurge, and clarifications and suggestions addressed collaboratively.

In addition to these inputs, we also ask a series of questions to clarify the scope of work:

  • What version of PDMS/E3D are you using?
    • Why: To account for full compatibility on different versions of PDMS/E3D and ensure our testing is performed on an environment required by our client.
  • What file formats of output files are required?
    • Why: Some file format might require third-party software needed during export. This information can have a significant impact on the cost.
  • When is your target completion date, and when do you expect to start?
    • Why: The responses to these standard project management parameters can have a significant impact on the cost due to the prioritisation of work and the manpower required.

If this service describes your situation, and you’re able to provide the engineering inputs and answers to the questions listed here, contact us today for a quotation.

TecSurge Service Report Development for PDMS E3D