Smart 3D running in AWS

Engineering Cloud Pilot

Systems implementation and integration


This service delivers a pilot implementation of Intergraph Smart 3D running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud infrastructure platform. Customers are given a hands-on opportunity to understand and evaluate the potential and benefits of using public cloud technology to power engineering applications, using the most technically demanding product in the SmartPlant application portfolio as the test case.


  • Proven, successful approach to deployment and operation of Smart 3D and other SmartPlant applications in AWS
  • Fixed price, rapid implementation with no interruption or risk to normal business operations
  • Expert consulting and advice to develop engineering cloud strategy


The primary deliverable from this service is an implementation of Smart 3D in the Amazon Web Services platform. The application software is accessed by end users via a virtual desktop environment, providing full functionality and near-local performance.

Users are able to access alternate versions and configurations of applications via a simple “application store” mechanism, addressing multi-project requirements and reducing administrative overhead.

Work Process

TecSurge utilises a series of pre-built templates and system images to provision a stand-alone cloud environment for a given customer, based on key inputs such as the number of users and their primary working locations. After a brief induction, end users are then able to access and evaluate the performance and functionality of the application.

TecSurge also provides technical support, consulting services and advice, helping customers to understand and make strategic decisions relating to delivering engineering applications in the cloud.

Quality Assurance

A high quality platform is necessary to ensure end users do not encounter problems unrelated to the cloud delivery platform. TecSurge applies several techniques and technologies to guarantee the success of the pilot project, including:

  • Standardised virtual system images
  • Automated client application deployment and management
  • Template-driven cloud infrastructure
  • Thorough testing of solution components before release

Getting Started

This service is designed as a self-contained pilot, so the amount of input typically required from a customer is minimal. In order to provision the most appropriate pilot environment, we will ask a series of questions, such as:

  1. What is the duration for which you wish to retain access to the pilot environment?
    Why: the AWS cloud infrastructure is priced based on running time, so a longer evaluation period will result in higher infrastructure costs.
  2. How many end users do you wish to access the environment, and what are their locations?
    Why: in order to obtain optimal performance, the pilot environment is provisioned such that the network latency between end users and their corresponding virtual desktop is minimised.
  3. Do you want to exercise Smart 3D global workshare functionality?
    Why: global workshare requires higher cost versions of the underlying database application software and additional network configuration.
  4. Which database platform do you prefer? (SQL Server or Oracle)
    Why: these database products have different prices and licensing models. For pilot environments, we recommend SQL Server.
  5. Would you like us to import an existing sample project data set?
    Why: using your own data may provide a better basis for comparison with your current environment, but may require additional time to import.

If an Engineering Cloud Pilot is a service that you need and you are able to provide the inputs and answers to the questions listed above, contact us today for an Engineering Cloud Pilot quotation.

Engineering Cloud Pilot