SmartPlant Materials is based on a three-tier architecture

SmartPlant Materials Upgrade

Data migration and transformation


Under this service, TecSurge provides the expertise and experience necessary to assist clients in executing the upgrade of SmartPlant Materials from one version to another.

With expertise obtained in executing SmartPlant Materials projects for many customers, TecSurge offers a comprehensive plan to provide this service cost effectively and within a fixed time.


  • Fixed price, turn-key delivery
  • Efficient, reliable and high-quality service delivery
  • Extensive SmartPlant Materials upgrade experience including customisations


SmartPlant Materials is based on a three-tier architecture technology with Oracle Fusion Middleware.

SmartPlant Materials upgrades face challenges from numerous areas including software and system version-specific compatibility, memory usage, system and network permissions as well as network architecture.

TecSurge experts will work with you to overcome all these challenges.


Primary deliverables include standard project management artefacts such as project plans, schedules, risk, change and issue registers, project status reports and descriptions of all tests required.

Secondary deliverables include the upgraded database as well as the technical documentation for system or IT environments and any customer-specific information.

Work Process

The central element of the work process is the creation and approval of a schedule. The execution plan will cover details such as customisation of forms, reports, user-interfaces, third-party system integrations and specific procedures/workflows, as well as relevant information about the IT environment, a test plan and a service acceptance plan.

A critical success factor is understanding SmartPlant Materials release history prior to the start of any migration or upgrade project. An upgrade sequence must be observed which, may require intermediate upgrades and impact the cost and schedule.

Quality Assurance

We highly recommend thorough testing as part of any migration or upgrade. Testing may be conducted using customer infrastructure where available or infrastructure provided by TecSurge.

Before commencing any work in the production environment, testing will be undertaken by the TecSurge team in close cooperation with the customer, to ensure that no functionality is compromised by the migration or upgrade.

Getting Started

Customers can initiate a SmartPlant Materials upgrade project by documenting and communicating detailed information. As implementations vary considerably between companies, we typically request the following preliminary information:

  • Service required: Migration, upgrade or both

    Why: In some cases, the customer may migrate the environment and use this opportunity to upgrade the system.

  • Current and target versions of SmartPlant Materials

    Why: To identify intermediate upgrade steps and to design the operation and test plans.

  • IT infrastructure capacity

    Why: We use this information to check the size of the database/environment and to design the operation and test plans.

  • Schedule and timing

    Why: Timing to perform the upgrade is crucial, to avoid disrupting business operations.

If this service describes your situation, and you’re able to provide the requested information listed above, please contact us today for a quotation.

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