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TecSurge OnDemand

TecSurge OnDemand provides user support, application administration and data management for engineering, procurement and construction applications as a managed service.

Application Management case study

Benefit from our classic IT support for engineering software.

Data Management case study

Benefit from our remote operational support for engineering applications.

Choose your level of engagement. Our clients always retain design, engineering & procurement responsibility adding on TecSurge OnDemand Application Management, Data Management or both.

Application Management – benefit from our classic IT support for engineering software.

Data Management - benefit from seamless remote operational support for your reference and design data in your engineering applications.

Application and data management – benefit from the full spectrum of managed services around engineering software and data, combining classic IT and remote task based content support. Under this responsibility model, clients choose to strategically outsource engineering application and software application related support as well as ongoing data and OnDemand content development support.

TecSurge OnDemand delivers outsourced and professionalised services that drive efficiency and productivity with a dedicated focus on the process and power industries. Our specialisation in this area enables you to concentrate on using your software, rather than supporting it, maximising your productivity.

We share a common language with your own end users, eliminating delays in resolving problems. Our standardised approach to engineering IT can rapidly scale to match your demand and ensures our service meets your quality expectations.

Contact Us for a demonstration of our portal and a commercial proposal tailored to your requirements.

Key Benefits


Expertise when you need it

TecSurge OnDemand leverages our dedicated Service Operation Centre to deliver unprecedented levels of scalability, supporting close alignment to your business cycle. You gain the benefit of having expertise provided at the time and point of need, while avoiding unnecessary costs during periods of low demand.


TecSurge stands by its reputation and experience in delivering reliable and pragmatic solutions, ensuring our clients can reduce project execution risks. We provide a straightforward and dependable experience to your end users, ensuring a highly productive partnership.

Easy to use

Our easy to use service desk provides your end users with a single point of contact to our team of specialists and support staff. We will operate on a 24×7 basis, ensuring that we can provide quality support to meet your project demands, regardless of location or time-zone.


Advice you can trust

TecSurge is an independent company, not affiliated with or subordinate to any software product vendor or other organisation. Our objectivity enables us to provide completely independent advice without any hidden agenda, and manage solutions involving applications from competing vendors, including your own proprietary technologies.

Because we are completely independent of any particular software vendor, or infrastructure platform, we provide advice which is more closely aligned to your own business interests, and unencumbered by conflicts of interest or limitations pertaining to any particular vendor portfolio. In addition, by incorporating skills and knowledge from across the entire engineering software industry, our expert team is able to provide insight which may not be apparent to consultants with a more limited perspective.

Mix and match

It is impossible to source all the application software necessary to execute a modern project from a single vendor, and so being able to manage and support heterogeneous environments effectively is a core capability of TecSurge OnDemand. No matter what combination of software vendors and products you require for execution, TecSurge stands ready to provide the same superior quality of service and support.

In addition to commercial software, we welcome the opportunity to manage and support your proprietary applications and enhancements on your behalf.


Always available

TecSurge OnDemand offerings are governed by pre-defined service level agreements (SLA), providing you with predictable response and escalation criteria, guaranteeing your end users always know what to expect. Where applicable, TecSurge also offers SLAs governing application availability and performance, helping to reduce risks to project schedules.

Single point of contact

Following ITIL® best practices, you will have a single point of contact to access the complete catalogue of OnDemand services and select the options best suited to your requirements. Opening a service request is as easy as writing an email – in fact, you can open any service or support request using our portal or via email to a dedicated email address. All requests are promptly analysed and a structured workflow followed.

All service and support requests from your company are tracked, and monthly status reports issued to key personnel, in order to maintain transparency and confidence that all requests are processed in compliance with the agreed SLA.

Single source for knowledge

Our direct access portal contains expert knowledge content allowing users to find solutions to common problems and questions. While opening a new service or support request, the application immediately displays a selection of related knowledge articles that may contain useful guidance and answers, promoting your productivity by allowing users to help themselves.

TecSurge OnDemand Brochure, 2018