Focus on core business.

Strategic outsourcing

Focus on core business.


An organisation has decided to use outsourcing as a strategy to focus on core business.


A mid-sized EPC wants to reduce costs by outsourcing IT including engineering IT.


IT managed service providers do not have engineering, procurement and construction technology expertise.

Software vendors rarely offer managed services, and if they do, typically only support their own solutions.


TecSurge has an exclusive focus on EPC solutions, and being independent, can support any combination of solutions from different vendors without conflict.

TecSurge OnDemand works collaboratively with your internal or external IT service provider to resolve problems.


The company realises the numerous benefits of BPO.

Case study

A company that provides engineering, construction, commissioning and asset support services to the Hydrocarbons, Marine, Minerals, and Infrastructure markets worldwide streamlined operations by outsourcing the support and administration of their SmartPlant Materials solution to TecSurge.

TecSurge OnDemand delivers the traditional benefits of ITSM outsourcing:

  • Eliminating HR challenges
  • Operational expenditure model (i.e. cost linked to project demand)
  • Full range of expertise and experience on tap

TecSurge OnDemand can be combined with IT MSP offerings to provide a comprehensive end user solution.

If you would like to explore OnDemand services for your engineering applications or obtain more information, contact us today for an OnDemand demonstration.

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