Hit the ground running.

New technology

Hit the ground running.


An organisation is transitioning from implementation to the operational phase with new technology, which requires experienced technical support and system administration skills to realise promised business benefits.


A company has implemented SmartPlant Materials with assistance of a vendor or external consultants, and now requires knowledgeable and experienced support staff to administer and support the operational environment.


Skilled and experienced personnel are difficult to find and often costly to employ and retain.

Training internal staff takes time during a critical transition and generates experience only via inefficient trial-and-error.


TecSurge OnDemand delivers immediate access to the industry experience and technical expertise you need, while avoiding delays associated with talent acquisition.


Realise return on investment objectives for new technology by ensuring a successful transition to the operational phase.

Case study

A major owner operator company engaged in energy and petrochemicals wraps up a system implementation, and begins to roll out SmartPlant Materials for production use. When a problem crops up, they discover the difference between “product support” and OnDemand. The company faced having to hire four experienced specialists to cover all software modules – potentially resulting in employing more administrators/managers than application users.

TecSurge OnDemand provided a cost-effective way for this company to immediately access the experience required to make sure their new SmartPlant Materials solution was successful. TecSurge OnDemand also allowed the company to avoid delays associated with recruitment and minimise additional overhead costs.

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