Scheduled Administration

TecSurge OnDemand component

We monitor and maintain your applications for you.

Customer Benefits

  • Proactive problem resolution and customer notification

  • Maintain integrity and reliability of your applications

  • Achieve optimum system performance

  • Comprehensive systematic delivery

  • Provided on a predefined schedule

Our Solution

TecSurge provides Scheduled Administration as a remote service and takes responsibility for preventive and corrective actions. We maintain the security of your operational environment, provide reliability and optimise the performance of the supported applications.

All tasks are completed within agreed operational or maintenance windows to minimise disruption to your production environment, with an example shown here:

Scheduled Administration Typical Frequency Typical Execution Window
Application Monitoring
Application Monitoring
Most applications support a variety of standard verification, reporting and log file diagnostic functions. We exercise those functions on a regular basis in order to identify any unexpected warnings or errors, and provide advice on actions intended to mitigate or eliminate the root causes.
Weekly During business hours
Backup Auditing
Backup Auditing
Our team validates the backup and recovery configuration by performing a complete disaster recovery simulation. The simulation ensures all necessary technology, process and personnel are equipped to recover effectively in the event of an actual outage scenario, and that business continuity planning is adequate.
Quarterly After business hours
Backup Monitoring
Backup Monitoring
We ensure that all application data is backed up according to best practice procedures. Even though most backups are implemented using automated processes, regular monitoring of the automated processes and verification of the outcomes is critically important to ensuring protection against data loss.
Weekly After business hours
Contact us today to see the full list of Scheduled Administration Frequency and Execution Windows
Contact us today to see the full list of Scheduled Administration Frequency and Execution Windows
Monthly license management procedure and workflow
Monthly License Management procedure and workflow

TecSurge takes a structured approach to Scheduled Administration. Our team of technical and solution engineers applies industry best practice procedures and delivers services that may have challenged your traditional IT administration team.

Our best practice and recommended processes are reviewed during the onboarding process, at which point you are able to configure various aspects of the service delivery, including:

  • Frequency of Scheduled Administration

  • Applicable range of Scheduled Administration services

  • Maintenance and operational windows for Scheduled Administration

  • IT change management processes

We will align our Scheduled Administration service delivery with your current internal or external IT service provider’s policies and procedures.

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