Instant help.

Remote location

Instant help.


Technical support is provided by a head office to remote, branch or project offices in different time zones.

The remote location sizes do not justify full-time local resources or a 24×7 head office operation.


A company headquarters in Germany (UTC+2) with a remote office in China (UTC+8). The six-hour time difference makes technical support and troubleshooting very challenging.


Remote users face inefficiencies, delays and frustration resolving issues due to the time zone mismatch.


TecSurge OnDemand and the TecSurge Service Operation Centre operate in your remote location’s time zone providing timely technical support to end users.


The remote office productivity is improved by eliminating support delays.

Case study

A world-leading synthetic rubber company with a head office in Germany has several remote locations in China. Users at these plant sites in China utilise SPI and SPP&ID software, but depended on Germany for technical support.

The time zone difference between the locations means that users in China often faced delays obtaining support, leading to delays preparing deliverables and ultimately project schedule slippage. The number of users at the remote locations does not justify hiring additional local support staff. The company contacted TecSurge to provide an alternative. TecSurge OnDemand now delivers technical support to the company’s SPI and SPP&ID users in their own time zone, eliminating frustrations and delays for those users. Given the very small number of end users involved (less than five people in total across both applications), TecSurge worked closely with the company to offer a package of services at a highly competitive cost. We also provided the option to scale up to meet demand, if needed in the future.

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