Just use it.

Non-core technology

Just use it.


A project carries the requirement to use a non-core technical solution, for which in-house specialists are not available.


A company has standardised on AutoCAD for P&ID drafting, but a client demands SmartPlant P&ID.


The short-term project time frame does not accommodate hiring or training permanent staff.


The TecSurge OnDemand subscription model delivers the expertise you require without long-term commitments.


The company retains the capability to execute the project using legacy or non-core technologies to meet either the project or the client demands.

Case study

A particular EPC traditionally uses AutoCAD for P&ID drafting work, but bid on a project where the client required SmartPlant P&ID. The company had no intention to transition to SPP&ID long term, but needed access to the application for the 3-month project duration.

TecSurge OnDemand gave the company access to the application for the needed time period and without any long term commitments to additional overhead staff.

In this context TecSurge OnDemand is ideally combined with a virtualised infrastructure platform delivering an OpEx investment model linked to the project duration.

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