Requested Administration

TecSurge OnDemand component

We perform system administration tasks on demand.

Customer Benefits

  • Full service coverage with predictable monthly pricing

  • Governed by service level agreement (SLA)

  • Easy-to-use application-specific service catalogue

  • Traceable and transparent request process

  • Optional client approval prior to fulfilment

Requested Administration Service Catalogue

The following are high-level descriptions of the Requested Administration Services included in TecSurge OnDemand. These generic outlines are matched by highly detailed application-specific descriptions in the service catalogue available to end users, describing service levels, operational impacts and procedural aspects of each service.

Requested Administ­ration Service SPMat SPRD SPF SPOOLGEN S3D PDS SPI SPP&ID SPEL
Backup Data
Backup Data
Although regular backups are performed and verified as a Scheduled Administration service, there are occasions when a backup is requested by a user or a project prior or after some specific milestone. This service can be requested to generate the backup and deliver the results to the end user for a variety of scenarios.
Configure License
Configure License
This service is used to request the installation or removal of a software license key, or a change to the configuration of the license management software.
Configure Settings
Configure Settings
This service allows changes to be made to the application’s settings. This includes actions such as altering global project or application parameters and user-specific defaults and settings.
Contact us today to see the full list of Requested Administration Services available for your engineering applications
Contact us today to see the full list of Requested Administration Services available for your engineering applications

Our Solution

TecSurge offers a comprehensive range of Requested Administration Services for your engineering applications. The full Requested Administration Service Catalogue is included in the TecSurge OnDemand contract and price: this component of TecSurge OnDemand covers all the tasks that your end user would typically request from your systems administration team.

Based upon the applications covered by your TecSurge OnDemand agreement, and their functional or project role, application end users are free to browse and select from any of the Requested Administration services to which they are entitled.

Using the portal to request administrative services is a simple three-step process:

  • First, select the relevant application from those presented based on your agreement and functional role
  • Next, browse from the list of Requested Administration Service offerings and choose the best match to your requirements
  • Finally, review the description taking note of any preparation required, complete the input fields, and submit the request.
Requested Administration work flow

TecSurge will assign the work, fulfil the request, and keep you notified throughout to ensure you’re kept informed each step of the way.

TecSurge develops and continually improves best-practice procedures to clearly identify the detailed tasks associated with each request. Our team of experts constantly monitor and apply these procedures to ensure the consistent and timely delivery of administrative services to end users. Our process ensures your business and projects reliably receive the highest quality of service, with efficient interactions and predictable outcomes.

Project set up procedure and workflow
Project Set Up procedure and workflow

If you would like more information about Engineering Managed Services or any of the TecSurge OnDemand components, contact us today for a TecSurge OnDemand demonstration.