Leverage expertise.

Small organisations

Leverage expertise.


A small organisation is adopting technology which requires additional technical support and administration skills.


A waste-water treatment plant supplier with a team of eight plant design staff wishes to adopt Smart 3D.


Complex solutions require multi-functional knowledge, which often can’t be provided by any single individual.

A small organisation size means that any system administrator utilisation is likely to be low.


TecSurge OnDemand delivers a service rather than an individual providing you with the full range of expertise needed at an affordable price.


The organisation obtains access to technology, which might otherwise be unaffordable.

Case study

An Engineering IT solution provider headquartered in North Asia wished to adopt Smart 3D.

The company faced having to hire three specialists to support all areas of the application, but realised that none of these were FTE positions based on the expected usage.

TecSurge OnDemand delivered a service rather than three individuals to the company, providing the full range of expertise needed at an affordable price.

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