Guard intellectual property.

Multi-party collaboration

Guard intellectual property.


Competitive companies are working together as a joint venture to execute a project. They require a common platform due to unwillingness exposing proprietary technologies and techniques.


Several EPCs form a joint venture to execute a project and require a neutral platform for 3D plant design.


Participating organisations demand equal treatment with respect to technology platform support and administrative service delivery.


TecSurge OnDemand offers a completely neutral and independent solution ensuring all parties receive equal and consistent support, free from any conflicts of interest.


Each company enjoys protection of intellectual property (IP) and has access to a level playing field for multi-party collaborations.

Case study

An EPC that delivers nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants and develops new energy technologies normally executes projects using its own in-house proprietary automation built on AutoCAD. A project on which this company had to partner with other EPCs presented problems, as they did not wish to make their proprietary systems available to their competitors.

The joint venture then selected Smart 3D as a common 3D modelling platform to address this concern. However, a challenge arose in deciding which of the parties could provide management, technical support and administration for the common environment.

TecSurge OnDemand solved this problem (of trust) by acting as a neutral, independent party with a clearly defined responsibility, delivering equal levels of service to all parties, and with the added benefit of IP protection. TecSurge naturally acts as a neutral player in a multi-party collaboration, because we don’t compete with software vendors or with EPCs.

A potential future benefit of TecSurge OnDemand is enabling a seamless transition of Smart 3D support services to the owner at project handover.

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