The Application and Data Management case study

TecSurge OnDemand

The challenge

A manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials with offices in Germany, China, USA, Thailand and Belgium, uses Intergraph Smart Reference Data to manage catalogue and specification data internally, as well as for externally executed projects. With increasing demand due to expanded use of the solution and a strong project pipeline, the company was faced with the challenge of supporting and managing both the application and the existing and new specification and catalogue data.

The solution

TecSurge offers a comprehensive solution by combining the Application Management and Data Management capabilities of the OnDemand service. In this scenario, TecSurge takes complete responsibility for supporting and managing the Smart Reference Data application, as well as for the specification and catalogue data contained within it.

The TecSurge OnDemand team operates remotely, using secure technologies to access the centrally hosted application, and performing all administration, configuration and data management activities required or requested by the client or external project users.

Services provided by the TecSurge team include:

  • System administration (e.g. project setup, user and role management
  • Application configuration, backup and monitoring
  • Creation and modification of piping specifications and catalogue data
  • Exporting and reviewing specification and catalogue outputs
  • Loading, testing, trouble-shooting and quality checking specification and catalogue data in Smart 3D

Optionally, TecSurge is also able to manage complete implementations hosted in environments such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Client benefits

TecSurge OnDemand Application and Data Management delivers benefits by:

  • Realising expected returns on investments in technology
  • Leveraging industry best practices in solution configuration and application
  • Centralising application and data management responsibilities in one team

Strategic outsourcing can also bring a variety of other benefits, such as increasing efficiency, round-the-clock operations and access to experienced consultants in a cost-effective manner.

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