The Application Management case study

TecSurge OnDemand

The challenge

The downturn in the resources sector several years ago led to a medium-sized Australian EPC reassessing their strategy for delivering a wide range of IT services. After a thorough review, it was determined that engaging with external service providers, and releasing internal staff to focus on higher value activity would lead to significant savings and benefits.

Intergraph Smart Materials was identified as being one of the applications which required high levels of expertise to manage, but unpredictable demand linked to project execution, making it a challenge to support cost-effectively using traditional in-house resources.

The solution

TecSurge OnDemand Application Management was selected on the basis that it provided a perfect solution to the strategic outsourcing challenge, delivering the high level of expertise needed, while offering a scalable pricing model linked to actual application utilisation.

TecSurge delivers traditional help-desk style user support for the application, as well as a range of administration and management services such as project setup, user and role management, license administration, and application and database monitoring and management.

After three years of continuous operation, TecSurge OnDemand has proven to be a reliable and well-regarded service, ensuring project personnel are able to access the support they need, while keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Client benefits

TecSurge OnDemand Application Management delivers benefits by:

  • Reducing or eliminating human resources (HR) challenges; and
  • Offering an operational expenditure model (i.e. costs linked to project demand); and
  • Providing a full range of expertise and experience on tap.

In addition, due to the ability to leverage the TecSurge skilled resource pool, this client was able to recognise savings in the order of 30% compared to the traditional in-house model.

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