The Data Management case study

TecSurge OnDemand

The challenge

A Fortune 500 EPC company based in the US, with offices throughout North America, uses Intergraph Smart Reference Data to manage and export piping materials and specifications to Intergraph Smart 3D.

Due to a strong project pipeline and unpredictable peaks in activity, the company found the internal catalogue and specification management team was struggling to keep up with demand and was looking for a way to augment the team with additional specialist staff.

The solution

TecSurge OnDemand Data Management, operating in a staff augmentation capacity, proved to be a perfect fit to address the problem. In this arrangement, the TecSurge OnDemand expert team work as additional virtual team members, enabling the client to assign tasks to the extended team in times of high demand.

The TecSurge team provides a variety of data management services, including:

  • Creation and modification of piping specifications and catalogue data in Smart Reference Data; and
  • Exporting and reviewing specification and catalogue outputs from Smart Reference Data; and
  • Loading, testing, trouble-shooting and quality checking specification and catalogue data in Smart 3D.

The use of an integrated help-desk allows the TecSurge and client support teams to exchange information, as well as managing the flow of requests and responses to the project end-users, keeping the workload under control.

An essential element to the success of this approach is the broad range of expertise available in the TecSurge services team. While this case study features the Smart Reference Data and Smart 3D applications, TecSurge capability extend to the entire Hexagon PPM portfolio, and well beyond including solutions from other vendors such as Autodesk, AVEVA and Bentley.

TecSurge OnDemand Data Management delivers benefits by:

  • Offering the scalability required to match peaks in project demand; and
  • Augmenting an existing in-house team, following existing company practice and procedure; and
  • Providing a full range of expertise and experience on tap, enabling existing staff to focus on high value activities.

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