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Application Management

Application management – benefit from our classic IT support for engineering software.

Under this responsibility model our clients choose to manage their engineering data and engage TecSurge for software management.

Read how one of our clients uses TecSurge OnDemand Application Management for Intergraph Smart Materials as a cost reduction solution: The Application Management Example

We answer your questions and resolve problems. User Support

  1. Troubleshooting and resolution of any application problem or query
  2. Timely and effective communication during request management
  3. Management of application defects and enhancements requests with the vendor

We perform system administration tasks on demand. Requested Administration

  1. Full service coverage with predictable monthly pricing
  2. Governed by service level agreement (SLA)
  3. Easy-to-use application-specific service catalogue
  4. Traceable and transparent request process
  5. Optional client approval prior to fulfilment

We monitor and maintain your applications for you. Scheduled Administration

  1. Proactive problem resolution and customer notification
  2. Maintain integrity and reliability of your applications
  3. Achieve optimum system performance
  4. Comprehensive systematic delivery
  5. Provided on a predefined schedule

Our solutions for common customer challenges around Application management are


We share a common language with your own end users, eliminating delays in resolving problems. Our standardised approach to engineering IT can rapidly scale to match your demand and ensures our service meets your quality expectations.

Contact Us for a demonstration of our portal and a commercial proposal tailored to your requirements.

TecSurge OnDemand Brochure, 2017