Frequently asked questions

Pricing and Licensing

What is the pricing model for TecSurge OnDemand?

TecSurge OnDemand pricing is designed to be highly scalable, to match the cycle of demand in your business. Please refer to the following link for more information:

How does TecSurge OnDemand affect software licensing?

Your existing software licensing arrangements are unaffected by TecSurge OnDemand. Your relationship with software vendors remains unchanged, and you will continue to be entitled to product maintenance under your existing contracts.

What’s the difference between my software maintenance agreement and TecSurge OnDemand?

There are two key differences between TecSurge OnDemand and a standard software maintenance agreement.

Firstly, TecSurge OnDemand provides a “hands-on” service; when you encounter a problem, our agent can access your environment, and will work directly in your system to help you to resolve the problem. Under standard software maintenance agreements, on the other hand, you will only receive instructions or advice from your software vendor about how you might be able to resolve or work around the problem, without any hands-on assistance.

The second main difference is that TecSurge OnDemand includes support for the specific configuration, customisation and integration that you have deployed alongside your solution. Troubleshooting and support for resolving problems with these system elements is included as part of the service, whereas standard software maintenance agreements provide support only for the vendor-provided software application itself. In order to obtain maintenance support for such elements, it is usually necessary to demonstrate and reproduce the issue in isolation from your specific customisation or integration, whereas TecSurge OnDemand will handle this aspect for you.

Finally, TecSurge OnDemand is not a replacement for your maintenance contract, which is essential in order to receive bug fixes and upgrades to the software solution. Our team will cooperate with the product vendor to resolve product related issues, and implement them on your behalf, and a valid maintenance contract is therefore a prerequisite for the TecSurge OnDemand managed service.

Remote Access and Security

Do I have to provide TecSurge with remote access?

TecSurge OnDemand requires remote access to your infrastructure (servers and workstations). Our service efficiency depends upon the type of remote access granted:

  • Assisted: We act indirectly via customer personnel, using a combination of verbal and written instructions, and web collaboration tools for remote desktop sharing.
  • Direct: We have direct remote access to customer server and workstations, supported by client IT for hardware or infrastructure level changes or configuration.

What type of remote access technologies can you support?

TecSurge adopts and utilises access technologies based upon our customer’s existing selections and preferences.

We have experience with a wide variety of options including Remote Desktop Gateway, VPN connections, various flavours of VNC, Citrix, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, WebEx, etc.

How do you ensure security of my data and systems?

The confidentiality and privacy of your data is retained and protected via standard non-disclosure agreements, and TecSurge stands by its decade-plus reputation in handling sensitive customer information.

In addition, TecSurge helps to ensure the security of your data and systems in various ways, including:

  • Applying good management practices to handling of user passwords and credentials
  • Conducting regular security reviews and audits of operational systems
  • Utilising secure technologies such as SSL or IPSec to guard data in motion

Product range and Capability

Is TecSurge OnDemand only for Intergraph based solutions?

As an independent service provider, TecSurge is able to support combinations of software products from different, or even competing vendors. Support for in-house customisations of these products, or even completely custom-developed in-house solutions can be incorporated into your TecSurge OnDemand plan.

Today, our product range covers the solutions described here: Product Range

Our existing technical skills cover a wide variety of industry vendors and solutions, and we will expand our product offerings to cover these based upon market demand. Please contact us to let us know your specific scenario, so that we can incorporate your requirements into our prioritization and planning.

What’s the difference between TecSurge OnDemand and other IT managed service providers?

TecSurge specialises in providing services associated with complex engineering, procurement and construction industry applications. Our focus and experience with these solutions ensures we are able to deliver services which match industry best practice, and interact directly with your end users, eliminating frustrating communication difficulties.

How does TecSurge OnDemand become familiar with my people and processes?

A key aspect of TecSurge OnDemand is our onboarding process. This is a one-off, up front activity which enables us to understand and document all of the unique details of the way in which your business operates its software and systems.

For a more detailed description of our customer onboarding process, please refer to:

Can you support languages other than English?

At this time, TecSurge OnDemand is only able to be delivered in the English language. While our service desk solution and other relevant systems are able to be internationalised and localised, we do not currently have sufficient language skills to deliver the quality of service that our customers demand.

As we grow, we intend to recruit multi-lingual engineers to provide support for languages other than English. If you are interested in our TecSurge OnDemand offering, but require support in a language other than English, we are very interested to hear from you and will use your input to prioritise our plans for language support in the future.

What specific solutions are included in the SPF product category?

The SPF category includes all solutions based on the SmartPlant Foundation platform, including SmartPlant Fusion (SPFusion), SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) and SmartPlant Construction (SPC).

Infrastructure and Cloud

On which infrastructure platforms can you deliver TecSurge OnDemand?

As an independent and platform-agnostic service provider, TecSurge is able to deliver services on any industry infrastructure platform adopted by our customers. We have experience with a wide variety of technologies, including traditional on-premises environments based on physical or virtual hardware (e.g. Citrix or VMWare), through hybrid cloud environments, to public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

For customers interested in developing hybrid or public cloud solutions for engineering systems, we offer detailed consulting expertise, as described in this example:

Can you provide TecSurge OnDemand for SmartPlant Cloud?

TecSurge is able to deliver an appropriate subset of services on “Software as a Service” platforms such as SmartPlant Cloud, depending upon access granted by the vendor. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

If you have questions that are not answered above, contact us today for a discussion on TecSurge OnDemand.