Process Plant Engineering Digitalization

Deliver the digital asset to end users

While represented as the final stage in our approach, we recommend early and ongoing engagement with users throughout all stages of the six C’s to align expectations and promote understanding and adoption. Such organizational change management techniques have been proven to have a large impact on project perceptions and success.

End user adoption is critical to achieving goals of digital transformation.

Realising expected benefits from digitalization is critically dependent upon the successful uptake of the new solutions by stakeholders and end users within the business.

We offer services in this stage relating to the testing, installation, training and go-live support of your digitalization project.

Performed by IT with support from management, quality and end users essential to success

Achieving both a technically and organizationally successful rollout of new digital initiatives depends upon a collaborative, sustained, cross-functional effort within the business. Typically, it involves groups such as management, quality, IT and of course end users. Sponsorship and leadership from senior personnel and input from change management consultants also helps to ensure success.

TecSurge service examples:

Ensure your digitalization project is a sprint and not a marathon

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