Process Plant Engineering Digitalization

Import data into target applications

This stage encompasses the activities of entering, converting and migrating existing data into target applications and databases. This step represents the heart of any digitization project.

Recording data in modern and preferred technical application formats and data structures provides a basis for analytics. It also improves data availability, helps to reduce complexity, and lowers costs for training, support and legacy infrastructure.

TecSurge service examples:

Performed by an experienced team using automation to ensure high quality delivery within reasonable time

These activities require a combination of specialist skills to administer, automate and apply advanced application functionality. Tasks which cannot be fully automated require a deep and experienced resource pool to ensure high quality delivery within reasonable time constraints.

Services we offer in this category include:

Ensure your digitalization project is a sprint and not a marathon

Because we offer impartial advice, with no hidden agenda, we can migrate or convert data from one application to a competitor without bias or favour, a challenge which most vendors are usually unwilling or unable to address.

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