Process Plant Engineering Digitalization

Our “six C’s” methodology

Digitizing your plant

The digitization of plant engineering information can appear daunting, with complex interrelated data sets, specialized application software, legacy data and systems, and a range of inputs of differing quality to contend with.

We offer our “six C’s” methodology as a structured approach to the challenge which makes it possible to communicate clearly about the different activities involved. The six C’s are Capture, Configure, Convert, Cleanse, Consolidate and Change. As each plant has differing starting points and objectives, our methodology can easily be refined to precisely address your specific scope and requirements.

The first and last stages of our process are more heavily weighted toward on-site activities, involving either your own personnel or local sub-contractors. The four stages in between can largely be performed remotely, offering significant cost savings and minimizing disruption to your operations and personnel.

The unique starting conditions, constraints, priorities and objectives for each facility identify which combination of the following activities are required to build an accurate digital twin.

Upon completion of your digitalization project, it is expected that a strategy for maintaining the accuracy, availability and completeness of your digital twin on an ongoing basis is implemented.

Ensure your digitalization project is a sprint and not a marathon

TecSurge specializes in providing services for engineering data and software, and is unique in:

  • Being independent from engineering services and technology providers, offering impartial advice and solutions aligned with your interests.

  • Having the industry knowledge, technical expertise and manpower required to deliver results while minimizing disruption to your operations.

  • Delivering high quality results through focus, specialization and automation.

  • Using efficient, innovative methods and techniques to ensure you realise your ROI.

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