TecSurge helps our clients to derive maximum value from their investment in Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence (formerly Hexagon Process, Power & Marine) solutions. Our expert team has worked with Hexagon frequently, as employees, sub-contractors or as customers themselves, and have been recognised by both Hexagon and our own clients as having superior knowledge, experience, and skills across the complete product portfolio. TecSurge enjoys a strong relationship with Hexagon built upon our deep expertise, reliability and trustworthiness as a service provider and partner.

Intergraph Smart Materials and Intergraph Smart Reference Data

TecSurge staff has been helping our clients to implement, enhance and maintain Intergraph Smart Materials and Intergraph Smart Reference Data for over 10 years. TecSurge staff provides a full portfolio of services, from training through to customisation and end-user support, across the complete range of product modules and functionality, including:

  • Intergraph Smart Reference Data
  • Engineering and Procurement Interface (E&PI)
  • Material Supply Chain Management (MSCM)
  • Site (SITE)
  • Smart Materials Portal

Commonly requested service engagements include:

  • Client-specific business process consulting
  • Commodity code and catalogue design
  • Specification creation and testing in CAD systems
  • Systems integration (e.g., ERP, CAD, and analytics)
  • Report writing and modification
  • Customisation and automation
  • Troubleshooting, patching and upgrades

Intergraph Smart P&ID, Intergraph Smart Electrical, Intergraph Smart Instrumentation

TecSurge has extensive experience with the SmartPlant logical design application portfolio (Intergraph Smart P&ID, Intergraph Smart Electrical and Intergraph Smart Instrumentation) frequently assisting our clients in the following areas:

  • System administration and upgrades
  • Project data merging, quality checking and cleansing
  • Reference data and data dictionary setup
  • Systems interfacing, integration, and publishing
  • Report and datasheet configuration and development
  • Single line diagram (SLD), schematic and loop drawing generation
  • Customisation and automation (using SmartSketch and LLAMA APIs)
  • End-user support and training

TecSurge staff has a detailed understanding of P&ID data migration issues and provides a solution for the migration of P&IDs from scanned and CAD input formats to intelligent P&ID software. Our semi-automated approach enables us to meet aggressive cost, schedule, and quality targets.

Intergraph Smart 3D

The 3D team at TecSurge has years of experience working with the latest and previous versions of Intergraph Smart 3D. We provide a broad range of services to clients making the transition from other systems, as well as established clients requiring specialised support to meet business demands. Popular services requirements identified by our clients include:

  • Specification, model and drawing migration from PDS or PDMS/E3D
  • Specification and catalogue creation and testing
  • Hanger and support programming
  • Symbol development and custom automation
  • Drawing and report development
  • End-user support and training
  • System administration and upgrades
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Laser scanning and point cloud implementation

SmartPlant Foundation, HxGN SDx

Our team of information management experts have years of experience with SmartPlant Foundation, SDx and related solutions, in areas such as:

  • Schema modelling and mapping
  • Business process consulting and requirements capture
  • Functional design, configuration, and testing
  • Troubleshooting and end-user support
  • Systems integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Custom adapter programming

Specific areas of TecSurge expertise and experience include:

  • Electronic document management and control
  • SmartPlant Enterprise Integration
  • SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO & SPO Handover)
  • Intergraph Smart Construction
  • SmartPlant VTL


Collectively, we at TecSurge have multiple decades of experience administering and supporting PDS projects for clients around the world. Typical services include:

  • Project setup and administration
  • Specifications, reference data and symbols (for all disciplines)
  • Work-share configuration and optimization
  • Piping Designer, Equipment Modelling, FrameWorks Plus
  • Drawing Manager, Isogen
  • Pipe supports (including Pelican Forge)
  • End-user support and training

TecSurge also has extensive knowledge of applying complementary tools for PDS from vendors such as CAXperts and 3DS, as well as experience developing bespoke automation and providing solutions to systems integration and interfacing challenges.

Other Applications

In addition to the major application categories listed here, TecSurge has specialist knowledge and experience with many of the other applications in the Hexagon PPM portfolio, including but not limited to:

  • CADWorx
  • Intergraph Smart Review
  • Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
  • SmartSketch
  • Caesar II
  • Intergraph Smart Isometrics
  • Intergraph Spoolgen