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Learning content production

Tailoring Options


This service delivers electronic training content for engineering applications tailored to match our clients’ internal business processes and systems.


  • TecSurge experts have years of real-world experience using engineering applications on projects and understand the difference between developing, supporting and applying software.
  • Domain expertise – we provide Learning Content Production for users by users. Our expertise guides the creation of our Academy material, ensuring we speak your language and explain how to use applications in practice, rather than focussing on the features and functions typical of most vendor-led instruction.
  • Comprehensive LMS – our Academy expertise drives us to produce detailed content with clear explanations, proper illustrations, and assessments.
  • Flexible delivery options – we can host and maintain training courses for you in TecSurge Academy or deliver content to you for incorporation in your own LMS.
  • Compatibility - we deliver industry standard SCORM or TinCan API format data, ensuring simple deployment and future proofing your investment.

Our LMS is a multi-tenant cloud-based application, allowing students to connect from anywhere with an internet connection.

TecSurge Academy learning management system (LMS) demonstration

TecSurge Academy learning management system (LMS) demonstration
Access to TecSurge Academy


We prepare materials using Adobe’s market-leading Captivate software and produce final deliverables in the industry-standard SCORM format, hostable within any standard LMS solution.

We can also host the data for our clients. In this case, we provide access to our own LMS: TecSurge Academy, on a subscription basis. Users log in by supplying a username and password. We retain historical records of course completion and evaluations, to cater to analytical and reporting requirements.

Professional production process

Work Process

Content preparation

Our service starts with a client discussion, to understand the customer work processes based on existing training material. Our experts are using Adobe Captivate to create the learning content and to generate attractive, engaging and interactive courses. The final training content can be exported to SCORM compatible files suitable for hosting by many of the most popular LMS solutions in the market.

Production Standard

Our experts will work according to the customer’s corporate instructions and template files that will assure consistency and high quality for all courses that we produce for our client.

Regular reviews are organised between our expert team and our client during the creation of training contents to check the progress and anticipate any questions or errors.


TecSurge Academy is built on a commercial LMS which stores and delivers training content and course, and also retaining records of student progress and reporting. Course material is delivered over the internet to any HTML5-compatible web browser, including tablets such as iPads, and does not require any specialised software or plug-ins to be installed.

Alternatively, training content can be delivered directly to the client organisation, with the industry standard SCORM format allowing for seamless incorporation into a clients’ existing LMS for local use.

TecSurge Academy Working Instruction sample

Quality Assurance

TecSurge Academy guarantees a high level of service and excellent production quality by utilising and follows approved documents, instructions, and tools such as:

  • Approved training materials provided by customers
  • Corporate work instructions and procedures
  • Staged review and validation workshops
  • High performance and SCORM compatible authoring tool such as Captivate

Getting Started

To provide an accurate quotation for each Learning Content Production project, TecSurge relies upon information provided in three different forms:

  • Consultative discussion, regarding overall fidelity and scope requirements
  • Detailed quantitative and scoping factors, captured in a questionnaire
  • Review of any existing source training materials
Example of classroom-based source training material

The following high-level questions have a significant impact on the time and cost of each Learning Content Production project:

  1. Do you have available training material? Alternatively, do you want us to create training material for you?
    Why: Creating training materials based on your processes only may be a significant effort and can affect the duration and the cost of the project.
  2. Do you require any specific output format?
    Why: Our standard delivery is SCORM compatible data. However, should you require any other format; we may have to use a different authoring tool. This information is part of our feasibility study and may have an impact on the cost.
  3. Are there specific schedule constraints (e.g., hard delivery deadline)?
    Why: TecSurge can meet aggressive schedules; however, they may require additional resources and increase cost.

If Learning Content Production is a service that you need and you can provide the training material inputs and answers to the questions listed above, contact us today for a Learning Content Production quotation.