Pedestal Support

Support Library Preparation using Intergraph Smart SDB for Hangers and Supports

Symbols and Assemblies

Customer Benefits

Intergraph Smart Standard Database (SDB) for Hangers and Supports includes a reference library of support components, rules, drawing templates and a provides configurable solution for defining support libraries for Smart 3D.

TecSurge’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience developing Smart 3D support libraries and working with customer standards and details ensures a rapid and high-quality outcome.

Our Services

  • Preparation of a tailored hanger and support library based on SDB for H&S
  • Thorough quality control, including interface and placement testing
  • Comprehensive package of deliverables and handover documentation

The Client

Our client is an American international corporation whose principal business is selling gases and chemicals for industrial uses.

Angle Support for Vertical Pipes

Project Challenge

The traditional approach to H&S libraries for Smart 3D requires detailed training for correct operational use, as well as a high level of subject matter expertise to prepare the initial library (including its parts, assemblies and rules), and to maintain or customise to suit changing requirements.

The relatively new Intergraph Smart SDB for Hangers and Supports product offers an alternative approach based primarily on configuration of the packaged and included components and rules, rather than traditional complex custom development.

In this case, our customer elected to take advantage of the SDB for H&S, aiming to reduce long term total cost of ownership (TCO), however its newness means that there are few service providers with the necessary expertise to configure the solution outside of the software vendor.

Sample Pipe Support Fabrication Drawing

Our Solution

TecSurge committed to meet competitive delivery time and cost targets, while thoroughly researching, testing and internally training on the new solution. Our determination to master this new technology resulted in a satisfied customer, who benefits from various aspects of the resulting H&S library, including:

  • Annotations on fabrication drawings for welds, dimensions and elevations.
  • Configurable rules for part selection.
  • Configurable rules for input dimensions and offsets.
  • Configurable rules for validation and verification.

As is standard for all our services projects, TecSurge completed comprehensive interface and placement testing for all the deliverables, helping to reduce time to production for our customer. The delivered services are backed up by our standard services warranty, giving customers peace of mind in the event of any unexpected late changes or defects.

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