April 6th 2016. Webinar “PDMS to S3D Plant Migration”

Learn about plant remodelling case studies, different options for plant data migration and how our approach at TecSurge can benefit both owner and EPC businesses.

Our expertise extends to the most popular plant design solutions such as PDS, PDMS and Smart 3D, but also allows us to adapt and support systems such as CADWorx, PlantSpace, OpenPlant, AutoPLANT and others.

The sessions were held in English by

Raghu Krishnamoorthy - Service Manager
Patrick Mackinlay - Principal Consultant
Marc Albani - Marketing Director

For business inquiries, please contact Rengan Jayakrishnan, Global Sales Manager at rengan.jayakrishnan@tecsurge.com

2016 Webinar PDMS to S3D Plant Migration