The TecSurge Scholarship Program

by Anthony Ludalvi Vista

Singapore, September 1st, 2017. When we founded TecSurge in 2015, we did not only think about business. We were very much aware of the Company’s social responsibilities, and the role that we would like it to play in the communities, where we live and work.

Embracing tough questions

by Andrew Wilson

Singapore, August 14th, 2017. I was recently honoured to be asked to speak at the opening of the TecSurge Service Operation Centre (SOC) office in Cebu, Philippines. Below is a summary of my speech.

Right service, right solution, right now!

by Rengan Jayakrishnan

Pune, May 4th, 2017. As we continue our journey to promote and educate the industry about the benefits of our managed service solution, I’ve noticed what I think is a very real trend emerging.

Why is technology neutrality important for a managed services provider to the process and power industries?

by Waldir Pimentel

Many of our customers are aware of our long-term support of Intergraph solutions, however may be surprised that our business takes a strictly neutral position regarding the various vendors and products in the market.

Building Leverage to Avoid a Race to the Bottom

By Anton Schreibmueller

I am often asked why TecSurge was spun off from its former parent company a couple of years ago. Apart from the change to focus exclusively on service delivery, what’s different?

Looking to define and implement cloud strategies?

By Andy Osborne

TecSurge can provide considerable support to companies that are looking to define and implement cloud strategies, with specific expertise focusing on the requirements for engineering software tools on a hosted environment provided by Amazon or Microsoft.